Tuition for school entry tests

School entrance assessments have become extremely competitive and many parents are concerned about the scenario of their child failing to make the grade for their desired senior school. This is amplified by the chat at the school gate as everybody else seems to be enlisting a tutor, so parents feel the need to follow suit.

Should I tutor my child?

There are pros and cons to tutoring your child. 

If your child is already in a good Prep school then they should be receiving all the support they require. If you feel there are gaps in their preparation, the first thing to do is to contact the school and ask them to address your concerns. Most Prep schools will happily offer your child some extra support at lunchtimes if there are areas that need special attention.

A good tutor can help to fill gaps in a child’s knowledge, they can clarify misunderstandings and also give your child the all-important confidence-boost to get through their exams.

However, not all tutors are trained teachers and the quality of provision can vary. The wrong tutor can teach further misconceptions, can focus on elements that are not in the exam specification and can teach conflicting approaches and methods to those the child has learnt at school. Remember also that tutors need to justify their existance and will nearly always recommend that your child needs more tutoring!

If you feel your child needs an extra boost in preparation for exams it is vital to find a qualified and experienced tutor who will work with the school. Do tell the school that you are looking for a tutor: they may be able to recemmend a tutor to you, or, liaise with your tutor regarding what your child needs to cover. If you are considering moving your child to an alternative Prep school and therefore don’t feel you can ask the school for help with an admissions test for a competing school then speak to us.

If you are concerned about your child’s level in advance of an entrance test we can assist you to find a suitable tutor. We use several different firms of tutors who are experienced in admissions test preparation – ask us for details on +44 (0)1622 813870 or complete an enquiry form.

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