What is a ‘prep school’?

In the UK, a ‘prep’ (preparatory) school is an Independent/Private (fee paying) school which prepares young children, usually from the age of 7 or 8, for the next stage of their education; ‘senior’ school. However, prep schools are far more than that, and provide boys and girls with a fantastic all-round education, combining not only a thorough grounding in all the academic subjects but also a rich programme of sport, music, drama and other co-curricular activities.

What age range do prep schools cater for?

Although Prep schools generally take children from the age of 7 until they join a senior school either at 11 or 13,  many preps have a ‘pre-prep’ department for younger children from the age of 3 or 4. Our aim is to help parents choose the best private prep school for your child, depending on their individual needs and your family’s requirements and priorities.

What should I look for when choosing a prep school?

Every child and every family is unique and your dedicated consultant with work with you to establish your priorities, identify target schools, establish vacancies, arrange visits, help with admissions tests and then assist you with your final choice. We help you to identify what is important for you and your child, and consider a range of factors including teaching provision, class sizes, pastoral care, facilities, inspection reports, distance from home etc. Many parents commit to private education on the basis they want their children to achieve the very best that they can and aspire to progress to a top senior school.  We can advise on the best strategy to achieve your goals.

Our Prep School Academic League Tables are based on the annual leaver destinations of their pupils and are a useful starting point for a school search.

Similarly, our companion website contains the most accurate and comprehensive league tables of private senior schools.

Let us help you find the right prep school for your child

We have a team of expert, experienced consultants who can help you identify the schools that will best suit your child and assist you with the application process. Families come to us with a diverse range of requests and we can help you whatever your circumstances; whether you are already based in the UK or relocating from elsewhere and needing a school place for your child at the last minute. We work with ALL private schools, both boarding and day, and our priority is to secure a place in the best-fitting school for each child.

Arrange a FREE consultation

There are many factors to be considered and we will be pleased to advise you. Please complete an enquiry form or call us on 01622 813870 to discuss your individual requirements. The initial consultation is free of charge or obligation and is a great way to discover more about what your options might be.

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