Top Academic Boarding Preps

Parents hoping to gain a place for their child in an academically selective senior boarding school would be well advised to consider sending their child to an elite prep boarding school, which has an excellent track record of success with senior boarding school admissions. For this purpose it generally pays to choose a discrete prep school rather than an 'all through', because the latter specialise in preparing children for entry to their own senior schools. 

Our table of Top Academic Boarding Preps is based on the percentage of pupils taking up places at top senior schools as listed in our league tables, which can be viewed on

Please see below for a list of our  top academic boarding preps for 2021. These are schools which have a consistently strong track record of sending their pupils to the most competitive senior schools in the UK and where over 50% of children progressed to highly selective senior schools in 2021. In some cases the numbers of children winning places at schools such as Wycombe Abbey, Eton and Wellington are much higher. Some, but by no means all, of the schools listed below are academically selective. The schools are presented in alphabetical order.

For advice on entry to these, or other prep schools, please contact us on +44 1622 813870 or complete an enquiry form.

School Name   (schools are listed in alphabetical order)


Dragon School


Godstowe Prep School


Holmewood House School


Horris Hill School


Ludgrove School


Papplewick School


Pilgrims School


Summer Fields School










We recognise that a table such as this is not of course the only, nor the most important indication of what makes a ‘top school’. Equally important is that a prep school prepares each child for the next stage of their educational journey and ensures that they secure a place in the most suitable senior school. Prep schools which are non-selective on entry and which send children to a wide range of senior schools will be suitable for most children. There are many superb schools to cater for the needs of all children and we will be pleased to advise you on the best options for your child. 

Please contact us for advice on choosing and applying to a suitable prep school for your child. Call +44 1622 813870 or complete an Enquiry Form

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