International Schools

An “International School” is a school catering primarily for the children of international expatriate parents working in the UK. They usually teach a global curriculum – often the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP). Since the single largest expat community is from the USA, many of the international schools in the UK teach a US oriented curriculum, with some adjustments to cater for other nationalities. Most international schools are in London or the Home Counties, they are mostly co-ed and very few have boarding facilities.

There is a huge difference in ethos and culture between a traditional UK Prep School and an international school. For example, you would not typically send your child to an international school if your aspiration was for your child to get into a top senior academic school. International schools have a less pressured academic approach and are often catering for students who will return to their home country to finish their education.

International schools are usually suitable for children who are bi-lingual. Indeed if a child has very little English language ability, you will find that many conventional prep schools will decline to admit them, because they have no resources to teach English as a second language. You will also find that some international schools have courses to improve a child’s home language, especially if the child is quite young.

Most of the clients who approach us to find international schools are expatriate workers coming to London to start new jobs. Demand for private schools in London greatly exceeds supply and so, the sooner you can give us details of your requirements the greater the possibility of getting your first choice school. Most enquirers are also seeking accommodation in London and we have a lot of experience in recommending housing areas which are convenient to both a school location and the commute to the job location. 

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