Home Relocation Service

We receive many enquiries from International parents who are unfamiliar with the geography of the UK and want to find a school first before they then look to secure a house nearby either for rent or purchase. At prep school age, children always need to be escorted to school and International parents are usually unaware just how bad rush hour traffic can be in our major cities and towns. Thus, we try to position day prep schools no more than 3 miles from the target housing district.

We can give a certain amount of advice on housing as part of the advisory process on school search. This includes advice on commuting journey times to the parent’s new place of work; see 'Locations Decisions' for more details on what to look for. However, some parents would like the services of a specialist home relocation consultant and we can introduce you to an expert in your target area. Go to our companion site www.best-schools.co.uk to make a direct enquiry by following this link.

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