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Education Advisers Personalised Pupil Assessment

The Personalised Pupil Assessments have been designed to give parents and schools valuable information about a child’s current level of attainment in Maths and English. Children sit the tests under supervised conditions in their own country or at our offices in the UK. Parents then receive a comprehensive report outlining areas of strength as well as areas which either have not yet been covered by the child and/or where further tuition is advised. The reports are also sent to schools as part of the pupil’s profile, and in many cases will be suitable as a substitute for a school’s own entrance tests, thus simplifying the admissions process for both the school and the child and avoiding the need for a child to sit multiple tests if they are applying to several schools. We are always happy to discuss the test results with parents if further information is required, and can pin point areas of development, as well as make school recommendations based upon the child's ability.

Mathematics Assessment

Unlike other commonly used standardised tests, the Personalised Pupil Assessment considers both how well a student can think and learn, as well as what they have already learned in their previous schools. The Personalised Pupil Assessment will make a judgement on the child’s level in mathematics in comparison to a child in a UK school of the same age. Tests are age-appropriate and benchmarked against National Curriculum, common entrance, GCSE and A-Level/IB standards. The assessment includes sections on the following: Number, Algebra, Handling Data and Shape, Space and Measure.

The Mathematics Assessment has been devised by Kate Alback (MA Education, BA Hons, QTS) and Toby Kyle (MA Educational Leadership, BA Pure Mathematics, QTS). Kate specialised in Assessment and Prep school curriculum for her MA and has extensive experience of assessing students from across the globe in her role as Assistant Head Academic at the British International School, Shanghai. Toby is a mathematician and current Deputy Head, with extensive experience of working in school leadership with students from different curriculums.

English Assessment

We offer two English assessments, one for pupils with English as an additional language which focuses on grammar, reading comprehension and writing skills, and one for pupils educated in English which includes more advanced comprehension work and an essay. Where possible children are also interviewed on Skype to gauge their speaking, listening and conversational skills. Tests are age appropriate and broadly assessed against National Curriculum criteria for children up to Year 9 and against GCSE standards for children up to Year 12.

The English assessments are set and marked by Mary Murayama (BA (Hons), MA, QTS (MFL), Cert TEFL) , a fully qualified teacher of Modern Languages with over 20 years’ experience of teaching EAL, German and Japanese.

For further information, or to request sample reports, please contact Kate Alback or Mary Murayama, or telephone us on +44(0)1622 813870.

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