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Prep School League Tables 

How are Prep Schools ranked?

League tables are common place for Senior Schools where easy comparisons can be made between GCSE and A-Level or IB results, but this is less straight forward for Prep Schools as there is no standardised final exam. We find the best way of understanding the academic profile of a Prep School is by looking at how successful the school has been in preparing their students for entry to the country’s most selective Senior Schools.

We produce three different Prep School League Tables:

Top Boarding Preps: These are the top 10 Boarding Prep Schools, based on the percentage of leavers that move on to the UKs top Senior Boarding Schools. Schools featured in this league table have a minimum of 50 boarders.

Top London Preps: This is the top 15 London Prep Schools based on the percentage of leaving students that are moving on to top Senior Schools, taken from those listed in top 10 positions in our Senior league tables.

Top All-through Schools: This is the top 10 Prep Schools that are attached to high performing Senior Schools. The majority of the children that leave these Preps will move on to the attached Senior, therefore the schools are ranked according to the GCSE results of the target Senior School.

Note: Only those schools that share their specific leaving destinations are included in the tables and the tables are updated as further details became available.

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