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Discounts on School Fees

With the average London day prep charging in excess of £15,000 per annum and the average boarding prep more than £20,000 per annum, before extras and inflation, private education has become very expensive, especially when it has to be paid for out of after tax income and even more so when you have more than one child. Gone are the days when a scholarship entry comes with a 50% fee reduction. Instead, any discounted rates are now offered through bursaries, which are means-tested.

How to reduce your school fees

We have written a small book entitled "How to reduce your school fees liability" to reflect 10 top ways of reducing school fees.

The guide has the following chapters:

1.    Bursaries
2.    Grants from Educational Trusts
3.    Scholarships
4.    Paying in advance
5.    Discounts for professions
6.    Sibling discounts
7.    Financial planning
8.    Help from family members
9.    Help from employers
10.  Just ask!

This guide is not on general release because we confine its distribution to those clients which retain us for school advice. Just call us on +44 1622 813870 or complete our enquiry form.

You may see adverts on the internet from financial advisers claiming to save you more than 50% of total school fees. Where the parent is a UK higher rate taxpayer it may be possible to save a large proportion, but not as much as 50%. If you are a higher rate taxpayer, we can take your details and refer you to impartial financial planning experts.

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