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Day Prep Schools

What is a day prep school?

A mainstream day prep school is a private school which caters for children on a day basis from age 7 to departure to senior school which may be either age 11 or 13. The term pre-prep caters for the ages 4 to 7 but may be combined into a prep school.

More than 80% of all preps are day schools, but it should also be remembered that the majority of boarding preps also take day pupils. The concept of a private preparatory school is that it prepares children for the next stage of senior education, coaching them for exams and interviews. However, it should be remembered some preps specialise on the 11+ exam to enter state grammar schools, if they are located in areas of the country such as Kent which still has selective state grammar schools. Some preps end at age 11, which means they are not usually suitable for entry to public boarding schools which start at age 13.

Prep schools can be as small as 50 pupils or as large as 500. We tend to favour the medium sized to larger schools because the really small schools cannot compete on resources: teachers, buildings or playing fields. Contact us for more information on +44(0)1622 813870 or complete our enquiry form.

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